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Integrative Mental Health

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Mental health issues have become epidemic in our society with anxiety and depression on the increase, as well as ADHD and Autism. Children are often required to take multiple psychiatric medications to be able to attend school. Psychiatric medications, while sometimes truly helpful, can be ineffective and may even be harmful. Many patients have been prescribed a large number of medications over the years, but without adequate effect.


There is an alternative approach that involves individualized support of physiology and mental function. The Walsh Research Institute has identified a number of specific biotypes arising from the interaction of genetics and life experiences that underlie most mental health issues.


Dr. Crouch began training with Dr. Walsh in 2018, and has been using the Walsh approach ever since, helping both children and adults regain mental equilibrium. Keeping your goals foremost in mind, she works with your prescriber to help manage your medications in conjunction with Walsh treatment. Finding a new physiologic balance allows you to focus on living. She also weaves in mind-body techniques, heart rate variability training, energy psychology, and energy medicine if appropriate.

Biological Types:

Do you or someone in your family have any of these clusters of symptoms?

Copper Overload


High anxiety



Frequent anger 

Violent behavior  (especially in children)

Skin sensitivity (to touch, fabrics or clothing tags)


​Poor stress control (meltdowns)

Extreme mood swings


Severe anxiety

Tendency to stay up late

Delays or skips breakfast

Methylation Type 1

Chronic depression




Seasonal allergies

Frequent headaches

Autism diagnosis

Methylation Type 2

High anxiety/panic

Low libido

Sleep disorders

Nervous legs/pacing


Dry eyes/dry mouth


Methylation Type 3

​Mix of symptoms from Methylation Types 1 and 2​

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Advanced Nutrient Therapy

Advanced nutrient therapy, developed by the Walsh Research Institute, is a unique treatment approach that addresses the  genetic and epigenetic factors that underlie many mental health conditions. By identifying your individual biological type, uncovering nutrient deficiencies, and correcting imbalances, neurotransmitters can function more optimally, improving mood and mental wellness. This approach can be used on its own, or in combination with psychiatric medications, depending on your needs.

The treatment process involves 1-2 meetings with the doctor to review your mental health history, assess your symptom profile, and order specialized blood and urine testing. Then we meet with you to review your results, explain your diagnosis, and work with you to create a nutrient treatment plan that suits your needs.


Follow up visits are required to evaluate progress and adjust your nutrient prescription, and repeat testing is sometimes required. Treatment may be combined with other mental health resources, such as psychiatric medication, therapy, and mind-body techniques for self-regulation such as Tapping, breathwork and heart rate variability.

Nutrient prescription: We attempt to make treatment as cost-effective and easy to implement as possible, with liquid products available for children and those who have difficulty swallowing capsules.


Duration of treatment to restore balance: typically 2-4 months.


Ongoing maintenance treatment is required for genetically-based conditions.

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