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About One Medicine Integrative Health


To help people live full and joyous lives by supporting them to restore and maintain whole person health.

Body, Mind, and Spirit

To bring the best quality, restorative medicine for improved quality of life.  Dedicated to patient care and offering you a comprehensive view of chronic issues and integrative approach to treatment.

We are in this together

One Medicine Integrative Health Specializes in an integrative blend of naturopathic medicine, energy psychology, and holistic mental health.


Founded in 2018 By Dr. Crouch, OMIH is a syntheses of modalities and education from a career spent practicing holistic and naturopathic medicine nationally and internationally.  OMIH is dedicated to patient care and offering quality medical care to the local region.  With an emphasis on vitalistic medicine, Dr. Crouch aims to help people improve quality of life for day to day health, and offer creative management plans for ongoing and chronic illness care.

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