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Naturopathic Medicine

What if You Could Restore Balance and Improve Vitality?

Naturopathic medicine addresses common complaints and chronic illnesses of patients from several angles simultaneously, creating healing synergy. By examining the roots of illness or imbalance from a holistic point of view (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and ecological) and focusing on rebuilding vitality through a variety of natural approaches, health may be restored and maintained. Naturopathic medicine ­is based in the premise that the body knows how to heal itself, if we only remove the obstacles to cure (lifestyle, behavioral and environmental) and provide the necessary support (nutritional, enhanced blood flow, detoxification, herbal medicines and many other therapeutic modalities) to aid in the healing process.

Tailored approach: If overall vitality is low, then gentle persistent treatment promotes gradual change for the better. If overall vitality is high, then more dramatic treatment and lifestyle changes can yield positive results.


Treatment timeline: Since chronic diseases generally take years to develop, it is reasonable to expect them to take some time to improve as the various pathogenic factors are identified and “unwound” and the body rebuilds itself into greater health. 

Prevention: Naturopathic medicine also aims to prevent illness through enhancing health as well as disease resistanc and is appropriate at any age.

Healing Strategies

  • Detoxifying external and internal toxins

  • Identifying and supporting weaker organs

  • Optimizing nutrient balance (aiming for the middle)

  • Supporting a healthy microbiome

Treatment Modalities

  • Physical medicine:  Bilateral Nasal Specific cranial treatment

  • Nutritional medicine: Individualized dietary recommendations, nutritional supplements

  • Herbal medicine: Teas, decoctions and tinctures

  • Mind-Body medicine: Autonomic nervous system regulation practices, biofeedback

The treatment process involves meeting with the doctor to review your mental health history, followed by specialized blood and urine testing. Then we meet with you to review your results, explain your diagnosis, and work with you to create a nutrient treatment plan that suits your needs. We attempt to make treatment as cost-effective and easy to implement as possible, with liquid products available for children and those who have difficulty swallowing capsules.


Follow up visits are required to evaluate progress and adjust your nutrient prescription, and repeat testing is sometimes required. Treatment may be combined with mental health resources, such as psychiatric medication, therapy and mind-body techniques for self-regulation such as Tapping, breathwork and heart rate variability.

The “Naturopathic Therapeutic Order”


This unique framework, used internationally by naturopathic providers for approaching the treatment of illness and restoring health, includes some or all of the following components:


1. Remove obstacles to health — sometimes this is all that is needed to get things moving in the right direction

2. Institute healthful practices — individualized dietary and lifestyle changes

3. Stimulate self-healing mechanisms — rebuilding vitality and use of movement, homeopathy and acupuncture to move energy

4. Support weakened organ systems — through herbal medicine and specific nutrients

5. Address structural integrity — with nutrition, exercise, stretching and naturopathic/osteopathic manipulation

6. Address pathology via natural means — e.g. natural antiviral or antibiotic herbs

7. Address pathology via pharmacologic means — OTC and prescription medicines used with discretion

8. Suppress pathology via medication or surgery — referral to allopathic providers

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