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Naturopathic  Medicine with an Integrative Approach

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative Medicine has arisen as clinical evidence for what were once called “alternative” therapies mounts, and we have begun to learn that a team approach that includes all health professions is essential to high-quality patient care. Integrating different approaches for the greatest benefit of the patient requires broad knowledge of other professions and a willingness to communicate across professions.



Naturopathic medicine addresses the common complaints and chronic illnesses of patients from several angles simultaneously, creating healing synergy. As naturopathic physician I examine the roots of illness or imbalance from a deeply holistic point of view (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and ecological), and focus on rebuilding vitality through a variety of natural approaches, so that health may be restored and maintained. Naturopathic medicine ­is based in the premise that the body knows how to heal if we only remove the obstacles to cure (lifestyle, behavioral and environmental) and provide the necessary support (nutritional, enhanced blood flow, detoxification, herbal medicines, and many other therapeutic modalities) to aid in the healing process.



If overall vitality is low, then gentle persistent treatment ensures gradual change for the better. If overall vitality is high then more dramatic treatment and lifestyle changes will yield positive results. Since chronic diseases generally take years to develop, it is reasonable to expect them to take some time to improve as the various pathogenic factors are identified and “unwound” and the body rebuilds itself into greater health. Naturopathic medicine is also preventive medicine that prevents illness through enhancing health and disease resistance, and is appropriate at any age.


   Metabolic Issues 


   Chronic Fatigue 

   High Blood Pressure 

   Nutrition Support 

   Heart Disease 

   Auto Immune Disease 

   Irritable Bowl Syndrome 

   Lyme & other Tick Born Illness 

   Women's Health Exams 

   Andropause (men's menopause) 

   Musculo-skeletal Problems

   Cold & Flu Care 



Integrative Mental Health is an approach to mental illness (including ADHD, ASD, Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease) that recognizes that genes passed down in families may lead to significant biochemical imbalances and inflammation in the brain causing or aggravating many forms of mental illness. If the brain is not functioning properly, the mind cannot express clearly. Loss of chemical imbalance may be triggered by life stresses (job, relationships, poor diet, chemical exposures)  activating dormant genes. Through laboratory testing, we determine the specific imbalances and provide targeted nutrient support to correct them. We are also able to determine which classes of drugs will be more beneficial if drugs are also required.


    Head Injuries 

   Anxiety & Depression 

   Behavioral Problems 





Echinacea Coneflowers
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