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2019 Sacred Anatomy Series

This ongoing course meets each month and will offer a different focus of exploration within your Sacred Anatomy. 

What to expect;

  • Guided meditations, instructional theory, and sharing of experience

  • Experiential exercises to reveal what it means to be fully embodied

  • Come as you are, prepared for an afternoon of deep restoration and renewal

To register for the whole series or individual workshops please call Putney Moves at 802-387-0633.

Radical Embodiment   I   3:00-5:30 pm February 3rd

Learn practices for anchoring presence, connecting more deeply with yourself, humanity and the Earth

Residing in Self Love   I   3:00-5:30 pm March 3rd

Activating the Spiritual Core, Waking to the brilliance of your true self and how to bring that into the world

Opening Up and Letting Go   I   3:00-5:30 pm March 31st

Spiritual development and the power of deep release, activating the energy elimination system

Radiance and Self Expression   I   3:00-5:30 pm April 21st

The power of presence, what you don't know about your electromagnetic field and how to be more effective

Inspiration and Intuition   I   3:00-5:30 pm May 19th

Have you ever wondered where inspiration comes from? Would you like to be able to access it more freely? Join us for this workshop where you will learn in-depth about the Spiritual Layer and its strata, the Star Chakra, and the Seat of Divine Intuition. Through experiential exercises you will learn to access balanced intuition, improve your connection to your personal spiritual guides, and renew your inner source of inspiration. We will take a non-denominational approach that can help support you within your own spiritual tradition.

Harmonizing the Self   I   3:00-5:30 pm June 23rd

Sound and intention, the power of tuning your Sacred Anatomy

Mental Discernment and the Divine Mother   I   3:00-5:30 pm July 21

Discovering the mental layer, inner wisdom and seeing clearly

Expanding Your Capacity  I  3:00-5:30 pm August 25th

The energetic nervous system, releasing entanglements to bring clarity and levity to relationships

Life of the Soul  I  3:00-5:30 September 22nd

The soul's purpose, how unlocking your configuration can bring clarity and focus to your life

Owning Your Power Center  I  3:00-5:30 October 27th

Accessing the seat of creativity, coming into balance in your power center and dropping the tail

Facilitating Inner Flow  I  3:00-5:30 November 24th

The 13 Chakras, insight and expression of blended energies in your Sacred Anatomy

Lighting the Inner Flame  I  3:00-5:30 December 15th

Activating the spiritual core, building a relationship with inner silence

To register call Putney Moves at 802-387-0633



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